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BoshBot FAQ

About BoshBot


Is BoshBot really A.I.?

    If you mean, “Artificial Intelligence,” then no. Chat with Bosh and you’ll soon realize that there’s nothing “intelligent” about this chatbot. But Bosh does want to be your BFF Artificial Imbecile.


Why did you build BoshBot?

    BoshBot is simply a fun (family) project, inspired by conversations with a certain well-meaning somebody who only hears about 40% of what I say, and throws in the most irrelevant, yet entertaining tangents. Why not share the fun by re-creating the essence of this certain somebody by making a non-judgemental, silly, and (sometimes) empathetic chatbot? 


What languages can BoshBot speak?

    Bosh speaks only English. Don’t believe it when it tells you it’s translating this-and-that book into Klingon.


Is BoshBot available on Android devices?

    No, sorry. If there’s interest, maybe...


Is there a premium version of BoshBot?

    Nope. Bosh Bot is supported by ads. If you want mo’ Bosh, then maybe...


Safety Privacy


Can BoshBot see me?

    Ah, no. Bosh does not have access to your device’s camera or photos.


Does BoshBot record me?

    No. Bosh does not have access to your device’s microphone.


Is my information saved?

    No. Your information is not saved. In fact, Bosh’s memory is only slightly better than that of a fruit fly.

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