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reThinki FAQ

1. Can you read or store my entries?

Nope. Your entries are entirely private. Nothing is saved to a cloud server (see below).

2. I can use reThinki as a substitute for therapy?

No. reThinki should not be used as a substitute for therapy. 

3. Why am I redirected to Wellzaa?

Wellzaa is my current health and wellness education project. I hope it can provide a little health ed diversion for times when you really don't want to put any more thought into your thoughts.

4. Are my entries backed up in a cloud server?

Nope. Sorry. This is a simple app. Everything you enter stays in your phone, unless you choose to export it.

5. Is there an ad-free premium version?

The app is currently supported by ads only. I do not have an ad-free premium version at this time. 

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