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Pet Allergy

Love Feldi-the-Cat? Hate the allergies? I hear ya...

We love our pets! Unfortunately for millions of devoted pet owners out there, their bodies do not love their pet’s proteins. When encountering, say, skin flakes from a cat or dog, or protein in a cat’s saliva, some pet owner’s immune system goes into overdrive. Incessant sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes, congestion make some pet owners wonder if the relationship is worth it. A sacrifice, but well worth it, some pet owners conclude. And so they carry on, HEPA-filtering and vacuuming until the cow comes home (NO! Not the cow. They have dander too!).

Flip the situation around, can pets be allergic to their human best friend? Why, yes. The same immunologic response to human dander occurs in cats too. Humans release dander, some more than others, depending on the frequency of baths. 

So if both you and your cat are sneezing with runny nose and congestion, know that the love is real.


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