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Breath not smelling like flowers?

Ever since the first flavored chewing gum was created in the 1860s by John Colgan, gum makers have marketed it as quick fixes for bad breath. There are many causes of bad breath but foul smell is essentially the result of bacteria living in our mouth, happily farting off volatile sulfur compounds. So how can chewing flavored rubber help? The action of chewing actually encourages the production of saliva, which (temporarily) decreases the bacteria population. Researchers have also found that chewing gums with additives such as probiotics Lactobaccilus, zinc acetate and magnolia bark extract, and eucalyptus-extract  may also be effective for bad breath management. Obviously, if you suffer from chronic bad breath, there’s no stick of gum in the world that can help. Seek your dentist and doctor as you’d want to get to the root cause of the smell.

causes of bad breath infographic


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