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Covid-19 vaccination does not increase spontaneous abortions

photo to accompany Covid-19 vaccination does not increase spontaneous abortions

Despite the fact that Covid-19 infection during pregnancy is associated with

1) a higher risk of severe illness in pregnant women compared to nonpregnant women and

2) a higher risk for preterm birth and bad pregnancy outcomes,

Covid-19 vaccine hesitancy is common among expecting women. A survey of pregnant women revealed that the lack of Covid-19 vaccine safety data and the fear of harm to the fetus were the most common reasons behind vaccine hesitancy among the participants.

To address these concerns, the Center for Disease Control has released data along with a statement that Covid-19 vaccination is safe for pregnant people.

Evidence is accumulating in support of vaccine safety in pregnancy.

Show me the evidence

Spontaneous abortions occur in approxiamately 10% to 15% of pregnancies.

Two recently published studies show that Covid-19 vaccination during pregnancy does not increase the risk of spontaneous abortions.

A study of more than 100,000 pregnancies between 6 and 19 weeks of gestation found no significant difference in spontaneous abortions among vaccinated women compared to non-vaccinated women.

Another study of over 2400 pregnant women similarly finds no increase in spontaneous abortion among women who had received at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine before 20 weeks of gestation.

Both studies, while limited methodically, add to the mounting evidence that the Covid-19 vaccine is safe in pregnancy.

The bottom line

There are the knowns: Covid-19 infection during pregnancy is bad. Covid-19 vaccination is safe and effective during pregnancy to protect the expecting mother and fetus against badness.

And there are the unknowns, driven by fear.

Let’s not be guided by fear. Let’s be guided by the evidence.


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